Walk By Sight

2 Corinthians 5:7 

The Bible Evidence App

My Name Is Ryan Herndon

And I'm developing Walk By Sight to be a central place for us to see the evidence for Christianity and study the ancient texts of the Bible.

About The Project

This app aims to be a tool to help you find evidence for the truth of the Bible and the things it claims. Every submission has been from relevant people in their respective fields (Theology, History, and the Sciences) then reviewed by our team to ensure that data is not being misinterpreted or misrepresented.

Peer Review

Every submission from collaborators must be reviewed by several experts.

Cross Refrence

Easily search and see what citations, people, verses, and articles have been used and where.

Reliable Sources

All submissions must have relevant sources to support all claims.

By Professionals

All submissions are made by the experts themselves in the field, or the author of the submission must use sources from them.

Even Experts Have to back up claims

Even if they are the leading authority on the subject, they must back up the claims with data and sources for that information. This is why the "peer review" process must be followed when creating a submission.

What about the amateurs?

At my day job of Information Technology, I do not have to be the leading opinion on how computer technologies work. Rather I rely on what I have learned from those that create the technologies to recommend systems and process to my clients.  It will be the same way for the app as submissions are created.

Our Features

Browse By Topic

The content is arranged by topic to easily look up whatever you are searching for with just a few taps.

Keep Track of People and Places

Keep track of important people mentioned, both internal and external to Christian writings. Another planned feature is to have a map linked to resources mentioned in submissions.

One Citation For All Uses

To avoid duplicate sources, the app keeps an index of everywhere it is referenced even if a work is used in a hundred submissions.

Read The Bible and See Referenced Verses

While not a Bible reading app by design, this app will include the Bible in four open source formats for checking verse content and references without leaving the app.

Find External Resources

Easily look up resources references within the app such as pictures, websites, articles, statistics, and more.

Built for mobile first

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about evidence on a topic but couldn't remember the source? Well, now you can easily search your favorite submissions on your phone and have it ready to share. The app will also feature a desktop version.


This is what our partners have to say about the project


This app is a great resource for those seeking to know more about the historicity of the Bible

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I need all the help I can get to make this app the best it can be. Contact me to obtain to more information on this project.